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The Tarot Layouts are used to aid in brainstorming. While they can be used to predict the future, these predictions are the result of self-insight. The best way of using the Tarot for brainstorming is to pick a layout that is suited to the question you have. Currently, the cards are automatically shuffled and dealt for you but future releases (hopefully November 2010) will have more control of the shuffling and cutting of the deck as well as the ability to choose which cards to use instead of just dealing them off the top of the shuffled deck.

Once the layout is dealt, the cards that make up the layout will be placed on the table. If your browser does not support the canvas tag, this will not be visibly shown to you. Descriptions for the cards, based on the layout position, will be provided. This should be used as a general guideline for your interpretation of the layout. Take a look both at the individual cards that make up the layout and the layout as a whole. Try to think about your question and how the layout fits you question. Often you may find that trying to fit the layout into your understanding of your situation will result in you thinking about things from a different perspective and therefore allows you to gain a much better understanding of your situation.

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana

Wands (Staffs, CLUBS, septres, rods, battons)

About compassion and entrepreneurialism. Related to the element fire. A predominant Wand spread can mean that you are taking on too much

Pentacles (Discs, Coins, DIAMONDS)

Represents our talents and financial (material) state. Connected to the element of Earth. Predominant spread means work or financial matters are of concern

Cups (Chalices or HEARTS)

Represents feelings and emotions. Linked to the element of Water. Predominance in layout indicates relationship issues.

Swords (SPADES)

Associated with the element Air. Represents logic and wisdom. When a spread is predominantly Swords then mental activity will be a priority.

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