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The High Priestess is the holder of secrets. In a spiritual sense, she sees ones soul. A more rational view is that she is ones subconscious mind and represents a persons intuition. While females are better at listening to their intuition due to the fact that they are more in-tune with their emotions, intuition is something that everybody possesses. Hidden knowledge is her domain. When she appears, you had better be prepared to look deep within yourself if you wish to find the true nature of the situation. Determining the truth often requires that you look beyond the obvious and read between the lines.

The High Priestess card is traditionally associated with secrets and often is interpreted as indicating that a secret is about to be revealed. The High Priestess is, after all, the keeper of the faith and as such often expects rites of passage be performed.

When this card is present in a reading, you should ask yourself what it is that you really want. Are you are ignoring or forgetting something of significance? Perhaps you fear the truth! Pay attention to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you as it may be trying to warn you about something very significant.

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