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The Magician is able to take full advantage of the tools available to him. He has studied his area of expertise and is ready to take on the world. The achiever who uses his imagination to set the trend. Being in control of ones environment, however, does no necessarily mean that one is in control of themselves. It is important to know your limitations. The Magician deals with the physical world so is often not aware of his emotional side so may not be aware of his deeper needs.

While the Magician may seem like he is in control, he is like his namesake, an illusionist who is able to take his extensive knowledge to make people see things that may not really be there. In this, the Magician reminds us that it is important that you do not hide behind a smoke-screen and actually practice what you preach.

The main strength of the Magician is that he is focused on a goal. This gives him the determination to make the components work together. We all have the potential to control our environment, it is just a matter of mastering the skills.

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