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0 - The Fool

This card represents everybody as they start one of life's many journeys. Lack of knowledge can make one appear to be the fool, but learning is itself a journey and even the greatest masters of a skill were at one time the fools of that skill.The Fool card, however, does not just represent the lack of experience, but may also represent ones conceit and vanity which often causes one to not truly notice that which is happening around them. It also represents a person who is heading into the unknown and the potential hazards that they may not be aware of. Likewise, the card may often symbolize child-like impulsiveness and jumping into things blindly.

The Fool is ready for a new adventure and a new beginning. As is often the case when we enter new territory, the Fool is trying to find his own path. The Fool often leaps into things before looking at what they are leaping into. Thinking only of themselves the Fool is impulsive and childish. The Fool seldom listens to the advice of others and fails to plan for the future.

The thing to remember about the Fool is that the journey he is on is just beginning. Mistakes may be made on this journey, but the Fool will learn from these mistakes. Learning is its own reward. Ultimately, it is the knowledge gained from the mistakes that have been made that will turn the Fool into someone much wiser.

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