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The Seven of Swords represents dishonesty. Deception is often about being deceptive to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. While it may be possible to avoid responsibility in the short term, this usually has a higher cost in the long run than accepting responsibility for your mistakes would have had. The deception that is represented in this card may not be yours. Dealing with liars and with cheats can be a far too common thing, the problem is figuring out who the liar or cheat is before it is too late. Remember that not everybody is exactly as they appear.

Another common interpretation of this card is keeping secrets. Sometimes, it is best that a truth remains hidden from someone. This is especially true if that person is in a fragile state and simply can not handle additional burdens. As with many good intentions, this can backfire in a very damaging way.

A third interpretation of this card that we have seen is that of wanting to be alone. Sometimes the weight of problems get too much and having to deal with other people becomes a burden. It is at these times that sneaking away from the group to find a little alone-time can be beneficial.

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