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He is the ruler and the one in charge. His authority comes from experience and the wisdom gained through life. Although he is a warrior, his is a kind and benevolent leader who is concerned with the welfare of his subjects. In a reading he often represents taking control over a situation. In situations where it is your own situation that needs taking control of, this card reminds us that we must control our own destiny or take the risk that others will control our lives. In negative positions, this could mean that you have a need to take control over other people possibly by butting into situations that do not concern you. This is a by-product of pride or arrogance.

As the card represents a ruler, authority and leadership are often an interpretation of this card. Leadership often entails a requirement to stick to the rules. Sometimes, though, being a stickler for rules results in an insensitivity to the need (physical or emotional) of others.

As a person this person represents a father-figure in your life. A father figure also tends to symbolize family values. Supportive fathers, however, are not the only type of fathers out there.Remember that the phrase, "My way or the highway" is often associated with over-bearing fathers.

It is a good emperor who shows a willingness to fight for justice in this world. Even when fighting for what is right, we need to be careful that we are not taking things too far by using divide and conquer strategies against those people who disagree with our ideas.

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Negative interpretations

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