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The Judgement card is one of the cards that seems to have a mixed opinion on what it means. Some see the card as an apocalyptic card, while we at Blazing Games see this card as more of an awakening. The card is a reminder that there are consequences for our actions. In mythology, bad karma adds to the weight of the soul while charity and selfless acts reduces the weight of the soul. Upon death, the soul was weighed against a feather to determine the ultimate fate of the soul. This leads to the question, is your soul heavier than a feather? If the answer is yes, then perhaps it is time for a wake up call.

Judgement is about finding the truth and facing up to the facts. Have you really lived life to your potential? Have you been the best person you are capable of being or have you let greed destroy your soul?

This card reminds us that in the end we will all be judged. Embracing new values while you let go of the past may be the best road forward. Put your mistakes behind you and try to live the best life possible moving forward.

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