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The sun is about bearing the fruit of your labours. Energy, vitality, confidence and success are in the cards. All the hard work that you have done is resulting in positive accomplishments and you are ready to reap the rewards. Now is the time to take a break from your work and enjoy yourself.

The Sun can be thought of as the ultimate spotlight and the presence of this card can indicate being in the spotlight. It is important to remember, though, that shadows can be cast even on the brightest of days. Don't let your guard down just because everything seems to be going your way. If you keep moving towards the light you can make sure that you are leaving the shadows behind.

If things don not seem to be getting brighter, it is possible that you will need to adjust your plans in order to achieve success. Success does not always relate to business, but can reflect a relationship. To solve relationship problems, you need to see others for who they are. Often people will exaggerate their good qualities while trying to hide their flaws.

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