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The Nine of Wands tells you that you are ready to move on. This card can be a really good sign in an otherwise problematic layout as suggests that you will find a way to solve your problems. While you may still be worried about what is coming, you are ready to defend yourself if the need arises. This card is all about perseverance. If you keep on trying, eventually you will find a way to reach your goal.

When the Nine of Wands is in a past or blockage position in a layout, it is a warning that you may be holding on to emotional baggage. Events of your past may have made you suspicious of others. While it is true that there are some people who will try to take advantage of you, there are other people who truly do want to aid you. Being overly suspicious of people turns the people who want to help away. The best way to move forward then is to take an honest look at yourself. Strength can be gained through self-awareness.

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