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Balancing the scale is what the Justice card is about. Whether this is a good omen or a bad one is dependent on you and your actions. While Justice may not always be perfect, it tries to be fair. Make a decision based on the facts at hand. The key to making a proper choice is to look at both sides of an argument. Remember when doing this that the scale does not care about the quantity of an object but only with the weight of that object. A thousand feathers may look more substantial than the bar of gold, but when you look at the weight of things, one can quickly discover that the gold is more substantial. The key here is thinking objectively.

The ultimate goal of justice is to give people what they deserve. Take responsibilities for your choices for every action has a reaction. Humans are not perfect and you will make mistakes but you must make amends for the mistakes you have made.

Of course it has to be said, 'Judge not less you be judged.' Far too often people will look at the faults of other people without accepting their own faults. You must face the facts.

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