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The Hanged Man represents transitions. The hangman is at one of the Crossroads of life. Suspended between the past and the future, the hanged man is in a state of limbo. This is a time where you need to take a look at things from a different angle. Such an observation may result in you changing your priorities and starting to dance to the beat of a different drummer.

It is not easy to make changes in our lives at change tends to require sacrifice or relinquishing of control. Sometimes, however, life puts obstacles in our path and in order to proceed we need to take a step or two back before we can start moving forward again. The key to moving forward is making sure that you know what it is that you really want and make realistic plans to reach your goals. Sometimes it may seem that there are too many obstacles in our path that prevent us from moving forward, but is it circumstances or have you chosen to be the victim?

Ultimately, this card can be summarized in one sentence. Let go of the past and live for tomorrow.

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