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The Three of Swords is all about rejection. This card symbolizes dishonesty within a partnership. Who is being dishonest and how is a matter that needs inspection. If there is a third party with whom you have interest, the love triangle you are trying to form may be the dishonest aspect within your relationship. If your partner seems to be the dishonest one, perhaps it is time to let go. If your partner truly cares for you then your willingness to let him or her go may be what allows your relationship to strengthen.

This card does not always represent emotional relationships, but can represent business relationships or friendship. What is important when this card is in a layout is that you get to the heart of the matter. Fearing that you are going to lose your partner or lover is not going to help the situation and the anxiety and distrust revolving around this fear could actually accelerate the problem. Instead, as is often the case with Sword cards, you need to apply logic to the situation. Logic must often triumph over emotions to benefit you in the long term.

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