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The Tower card is about ruin and devastation indicating swift and drastic change. It is a warning that unexpected challenges await. In order to get through you will have to be able to adapt and change to the new circumstances. Often this change takes the form of an external disruption that we are not likely to see coming until it is nearly upon us. Destroying the old can herald in the new, so while the disruption will be hard in the short term, the results can be positive if the long run.

Often this card is interpreted as saying that you are refusing to see the truth. The Tower is a warning that you will have to face the truth eventually. Suddenly seeing a truth that you have been expending a huge effort to avoid can seem like a tower crumbling. Before facing such a devastation revelation, perhaps you should take a look and see if it is time to make some changes to your life.

We are reminded by the Tower that chaos surrounds us and can change our world at any time. There is no such thing as perfect security. While we can build a tower to attempt to hide ourselves from the chaos of the world, eventually those walls will crumble. Perhaps it is time to break free of these self-imposed walls that only give us false security.

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