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The Knight of Swords represents a Knight charging into battle. This is commonly interpreted as the Knight expecting to win the battle. While wars and battles are often perceived negatively, war does not necessarily represent violence against other people but can represent any cause in which you need to take a stand against some type of wrongdoing. There is a War on Drugs, War on Obesity, War on Texting-while-driving, and many other similar Wars. The problem with many of these wars is that the government declares them but then does nothing meaningful about the problem. The Knight of Swords leads by example possibly symbolizing that it is time to take measures into your own hands.

Of course, war should always be a last resort. Diplomacy is usually a better option than aggression. Sadly, it is not always possible for a win-win situation and nobody wants to be on the losing side of a win-lose situation. For this reason, you can look at this card as a sign to take a close look at any situation you may be involved in and try and see if there is a diplomatic solution or if the situation has degraded to the point where it is time to take a stand.

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