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Plans for 2007December 31, 2006 to January 6th, 2007

First I would like to thank the person who emailed me to tell me that my coming soon submit button was missing. I was wondering why nobody was voting! Today I am releasing my plans for 2007. Anyone who has followed this site knows that I work on it in my spare time so plans often don't always work out as I would like them to (but I do try). Mind you, Windows Vista was suppose to be released years ago and that company has a much larger budget. Still, instead of having a boring article, I am instead releasing a collection of four mini-games. Beat the games to find out the plans!

Making OotWJanuary 7th to 13th 2007

Before I start releasing new episodes of One of those Weeks (and yes, there are episodes that are ready to be released so I know I will be keeping my new year's resolution for a couple of months at least) I need to finish releasing the open source versions of the first day's episodes and the corresponding making of chapters from the eBook. Thankfully, there is only episode 10 left to release, so I am releasing both the source code and the making of chapter today. I will warn the One of those Week fans in advance that if Melee Combat wins the vote on the coming soon page it is extremely likely that it will be next week's game so don't get too disappointed when you come to the site next week.

OotW episode 23January 14th to 20th 2007

While Classic Melee Combat is code complete, I am still testing it so those of you who wanted to see that game will have to wait until next week. On the bright side, that means that Classic Dungeon Romp is now officially on the coming soon page. Of course, this means that One of those Weeks fans can finally start the fourth day with episode 23! As with the other three days, this day starts off with a dream, though pay attention to this dream as it holds the key to episode 25.

Classic MeleeJanuary 21st to 27th 2007

As promised last week, this week I am releasing the classic version of Melee Combat. This arena combat uses an enhanced version of the Coffee Quest 4 role-playing engine. For people not familiar with my Ultimate Retro Project, it is a collection of games based on old teletype an type-in text games that old computer books and magazines had. Of course, all the games are my own original interpretation of these games, but I try to keep to the spirit of the old games. Paired with each classic game is (in some cases, will be) a modern version of the game that adds a graphical user interface to the game. While I know most of my visitors will probably wait for the modern version, that will be a while off as I am going to finish the classic version of Dungeon Romp before starting on the modern version of melee combat.

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