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Blazing Games 2008 PlansJanuary 4th - Blazing Games Plans for 2008

My plans for 2008, at least as of the beginning of the year. I take a look at the disaster that was 2007 and try to find my biggest problem and a solution for that problem that will allow for much better games later this year.

One of those Weeks episode 34:The DecisionJanuary 11 - One of those Weeks episode 34: The Decision

The final episode from Day 5 of One of those Weeks. This episode contains one of the two non-death endings for the game and reveals a lot of what is going on.

Dozen Days of Dice Episode 5January 19th - Dozen Days of Dice Episode 5: Sic Bo

This game was developed live on the site on January 19th, with the development diary and early builds in the articles tab of this game.. Sic Bo is a chinese dice game where you make bets on the outcome of three dice.

Making One of those Weeks chapter 21January 25th - Making One of those Weeks Chapter 21

The Open Source release of episode 21 of One of those Weeks as well as the chapter of the eBook describing how the episode was created.

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