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January 1, 2006 - Welcome to 2006

It would seem that my visitors are just as split on how I should proceed with my site overhaul as I am. The edge goes to an April all-at-once update, but there may be some new previews of upcoming changes before then. Right now (and for the foreseeable future) this site is being done in my spare time so I have decided to drop the Blazing Games project (goals of that project will be indirectly achieved through smaller projects that you can vote for) and articles will be combined with game projects in the voting. As a result of these changes, I will allow for up to four visitor selected projects to exist. This will give me the flexibility to choose what I feel like working on while still giving my visitors some say in the direction this site takes.

January 8, 2006 - A Problem and a Poll

The one problem with running the site in my spare time is that when there is no spare time, no work gets done! With the set release date format I was able to have buffer projects for times like this. Instead of things getting better after the holidays, things are getting worse, and the only site related work I did last week was the creation of the Guardian Beast for the One of those Weeks game. I haven't even had time to look at the CES coverage (my guess is that Bill Gates talked about how Vista [Microsoft's OS X clone] will revolutionize the world). Lets just hope that in the future there will be weeks when multiple games and articles get released. As for the poll last week, it seems the One of those Weeks fans are still highly active, with half of the votes going to the Making of OotW Chapter 2 article (WOW, people actually voted for an article over a game)! While not quite as big of numbers as for an actual episode, it was enough to win the vote even after adjusting the other choices. Cribbage came in second, followed by a surprising Darts turn out and the Real Time fans will have to wait a bit longer before I make my first RTS game.

January 15, 2006 - Opening the door

Ootw episode 2 OSRLast week was another busy week but I did manage to finish one of my bigger time-sinking tasks so I should have a bit of time to put towards the site now. In fact, today I am finally releasing something new on my site. The open source version of the second episode of One of those Weeks. For those not familiar with Open Source, this means that the game can now be used on other peoples sites and can be changed as long as the licensing agreement is followed. Last week's poll actually turned into a three way race and was won by the bonus percentage system that older entries get. As people who have read my how voting works guide know, every week the losing entries gain a bonus percentage (based on their position) that accumulates over time and that is added to the actual vote percentage. This week's winning game was Classic Cribbage. Coming in second was Tanks for the Memory RT. Third place goes to the Making of One of those Weeks chapter 3. A distant third (though it was voted for) was Darts. The replacement for classic cribbage is obviously the modern version. I am guessing that by the time the modern version is voted for, the classic version will have been released.

January 22, 2006 - Episode IV: A New Home

Last week was another close race, made more so by a large drop in voting. I know it's been a while since I have had significant updates, but I am slowly working on material for the site and there will be a bunch of stuff released shortly (definition of shortly withheld). The fourth project slot goes to Tanks for the Memory RT. Second place was Darts (really!) third was Making OotW chapter 3, and last was modern cribbage (I guess the cribbage voters are waiting for the classic version to be released first). As all the slots are filled for the moment, I will use this week's poll to ask about the changes that were made to this page. Do you like the re-structured and more focused home page or do you prefer the old format? Email comments are also welcome.

Vote Choice % of vote Adjusted % Notes
I prefer the old format for the home page.
I like the changes
I am new here so don't know
You mean people actually look at this page?

January 26, 2005 - Tanks for coming

Classic Tank OSRI am going to make an extra effort to release something every week. Thankfully, the Tanks for the Memory RT project gives me the perfect opportunity to finish releasing the rest of the Ultimate Retro Project Volume 1 as open source. So, every week I don't have something better to release (such as One of those Weeks episode 15 which is almost done), I will release one of the four remaining games from that series as open source. As I am not going to post stuff on friday or saturday, that means that I have to post the open source version of Classic Tank Battle today.

January 29, 2006 - Taking a chance on polling

First of all, sorry for taking so long to post this page today, but I had other things to take care of. As some of you requested that I actually show the results of the poll, I will now replace old polls with a table of the poll results (go to the January 22 to see this). I will not change how I name my news captions, however, so you-know-who-you-are can stop asking. For those of you who don't want to scroll down, the winner last week was to keep the new homepage format. This week's poll I am going to ask for your opinion on the subject of casino games. Casino games, even those strictly for fun like on this site, can be controversial. What do you think Blazing Games should do with this category of games?

Vote Choice % of Vote Notes
I like those games and would love more of them.
Make the people who want to play them at least claim that they are over 18.
Keep the ones you have but don't add any new ones.
They are evil so get rid of them!

The numbers were rounded, so they don't add up to 100%.


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