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Dugeon Romp 3D Crhismas EditionBlazing Games 2011 Calendar (pdf)

For the new year, we have decided to give you a free calendar. Download by right-clicking and selecting "Save Link As" or your browsers' equivalent command. Print it out and feel free to give copies to whoever you want to. As for plans, Tarot and Dozen Days of Tiles will make up most of the releases but we are working on a larger scale project we hope to have in beta this summer. When it is ready for beta testing, the beta versions of the game will be posted on the site. This secret project is a fairly large project for a two person team so no hard date is being set.



Dugeon Romp 3D Crhismas EditionTarot Love Test

For Valentine's Day it is only appropriate that we have something related to romance. This Tarot layout will guide you in your romantic endeavors. The key word being guide. It is the opinion of Blazing Games Inc. that the Tarot is a brainstorming tool and not a prophecy tool. Still have fun and if this helps with your love life then great!


Sudoku PlayerDozen Days of Tiles Episode 1: Sudoku Player

I am finally starting on the third series of games in my Dozen Days pentalogy. This time the series will revolve around Tile games, though as you will see throughout the series I am taking a very broad definition of the term which is why Sudoku is being considered a tile game as will some tile-map games. This time around the game is being written in JavaScript using the HTML 5 canvas.This game took 22 hours to finish and is still lacking some features I wish I had time to add. Originally the game was released with just the test game, but on the 21st three additional puzzles were added. On April 1st, I will have a one day poll to determine the future of this site so be sure to visit on April 1st. The second episode is finished and will probably be released in May so if you like Sudoku, stay tuned.

April 8th

For those few of you who bothered to vote in Last Week's poll, I thank you for your time. The results were rather one sided with most of you wishing for me to return back to a weekly format. While the proper decision would probably be to drop down to a Quarterly format and actually try and convert my hobby into something that can actually support itself, the weekly format doesn't really prevent this, especially if I focus on incremental updates of material and sneak-previews of my larger projects once they are far enough along.

With that said, I will start posting content weekly starting April 15th. I will start with a Tarot layout, then after that will have a sneak preview of Dozen Days of Tiles episode 2. Not sure what will happen after that, but if any of you have a favorite game that you wish me to improve, feel free to email me and I will consider putting time into that project.

April 15th

Tarot WeaknessTarot: Greatest Weakness Layout

This week we are releasing the greatest weakness layout. This layout is designed to get you thinking about your weaknesses and the strengths you can use to overcome the weakness.

April 22nd

Easter Egg HuntEaster Egg Hunt

As this is the Easter long weekend, what better way of celebrating than to have an Easter themed game. When I think about Easter, memories of egg hunts come to my mind so what is more appropriate than an Easter Egg hunt.

April 29th

SudokuDozen Days of Tiles Episode 2 - Sudoku Generator SNEAK PREVIEW

A Sneak preview of the Sudoku Generator that will be released in May. This version generates puzzles but does not currently display the results in an easily printable format nor will it let you use the player app to play the generated game. Both these features will be in the final version.

May 6th

SudokuFantasy Combat Engine SNEAK PREVIEW #1

A Sneak preview of the combat portion of a game that is being developed. Combat is only a small portion of this game but an important one. Likewise, we are trying to make the combat engine flexible enough so that it can form the bases of the combat code for a number of other games we are planning on developing in the future. This is a really early build so a lot of features (such as animation) are not present yet so expect a lot of changes as development progresses.

May 13th

Deadly Dodge BallDeadly Dodge Ball

My new Friday the 13th project has it's first release today. While the game is fairly simple at this point, it is surprisingly fun. As the title suggests, you have to dodge deadly balls in an attempt to survive as long as possible. It is also using a new format for my game pages, so let me know what you think.

May 20th

Deadly Dodge BallDozen Days of Tiles Episode 2: Sudoku Gnerator

This week we have a sudoku generator that can be used to generate printable sudoku puzzles or can be used to generate puzzles to be played by the Sudoku Player that was created in episode 1.

May 27th

Color Collapse PlusColor Collapse Plus Alpha release 1

It has been a while since I last visited my Color Collapse game so I have decided it is time to start revamping this older game. Right now, it has just been ported to Flash and is considered to be a real early alpha release but if you haven't played color collapse, feel free to take a look. Each upcoming release will represent an additional 20-30 hours of work with many new features and game elements planned so you might want to keep an eye out for future builds.

June 3rd

Picture PuzzleDozen Days of Tiles episode 3A Picture Puzzle

Instead of developing a game in under 24 hours of development time, I am instead putting a twist on my challenge and am instead trying to develop as many games as I can in under 24 hours of development time. The first game finished (6 hours development time) is a HTML 5 re-write of my Picture Puzzle game. More games from this challenge will be released in upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

June 10th

Color Collapse PlusOne of those Weeks Episode 37 Open Source Release

Now that I have returned to a weekly schedule (granted with more of a focus on iterative development, or at least that is my plan) it is time to get back to releasing One of those Weeks as open source. For those of you who are not interested in source code or making of articles, don't worry as this will only be once a month so there will be plenty of time for me to release better versions of my games.

June 17th

Color Collapse PlusDozen Days of Tiles episode 3B: Sliding Puzzle

This is the second game created as part of Episode 3 of Dozen Days of Tiles. In this game in a day (24 hours of development time) challenge, I am trying to finish as many games in a 24 hour period as I can. This sliding puzzle game was created in hours 7 and 8 of the challenge.

June 24th

Color Collapse PlusLady Raine Graphics Image Gallery

While not exactly a game, this gallery is a demo I wrote for the Image Atlas library that was created for my larger projects. In fact, I am releasing the library as open source, which will be ported to HTML 5 and probably Objective C to make porting games between different platforms easier. And yes, once Dozen Days of Tiles episode 3 has run it's development course, the gallery will be part of that game.

July 1st and 4th

Puzzle GalleryDozen Days of Tiles Episode 3D spin Puzzle

Earlier this week I released a third game in my Dozen Days of Tiles episode 3 series of how many (simple) games can I create in a 24 hour development time period challenge. It was the twist puzzle, had a Canada Day theme, and is located here. As I have a number of American friends, I decided to also release a Independence day themed puzzle game as well. As with the spin puzzle, this was completed in under an hour (thanks to its use of Picture Puzzle core classes).

July 8th

Making OotW chapter 37Making One of those Weeks Chapter 37

After releasing not one, but two games last week, I think it is only fair that this week is the long delayed next chapter of my Making of One of those Weeks eBook which covers the creation of episode 37 of the game.

July 15th

Color Collapse PlusDozen Days of Tiles Episode 3E: Hex Puzzle

As my mother is in the hospital, I am a bit late posting this week's update. Sorry for any inconvenience. This variation of the picture puzzle game replaces the square tiles with hex shaped tiles making the game a bit more challenging.

July 22nd

One of those Weeks episode 38One of those Weeks Episode 38 Open Source Release

My mother is still in the hospital, but improving. Still, to make more time for visiting her, I am accelerating the release of the open source version of One of those Weeks. If you are not sure what One of those Weeks is, feel free to play the game. If you are curious about how the game works, this week is the source to episode 38 (the previous episodes have already been open sourced) and in a few weeks a making of article will be posted.

July 29th

Hex Spin PuzzeDozen Days of Tiles episode 3F: Hex Spin Puzzle

My mother went from improving to a very rapid decline and passed away July 29th at 1:05AM. She meant the world to me and will be greatly missed. As I had this weeks game ready to post, it is being posted but I will be taking a few week break from posting new material. This weeks game is a continuation of my episode 3 as many games that can be created in under 24 hours of development time challenge and is a hex version of the spin puzzle.

August 19th

Hex Slide PuzzleDozen Days of Tiles episode 3G: Hex Slide Puzzle

With the recent passing away of my mother, I have decided to switch from a weekly release schedule to releasing new material every other week. For more information on my Blazing Games plans, please see my Blazing Games Development Blog which goes into more detail about what my future plans are. This weeks game is the second to last game that was created as part of Dozen Days of Tiles episode 3 which was a challenge to create as many games as possible with only 24 hours of development time. It is a hex version of the sliding puzzle. The extra dimension of movement that the hex grid adds makes this game, at least in my opinion, far more fun than the original sliding puzzle.

September 2nd

Distortion PuzzleDozen Days of Tiles episode 3H: Distortion Puzzle

This fortnight's game is the last game that was created as part of Dozen Days of Tiles episode 3 project which was a challenge to create as many games as possible with only 24 hours of development time. It is a rather interesting version of the picture puzzle game. The tiles are varying sizes with the image in the tile being distorted to fit within the bounds. Of the eight games that were created in this episode, this is by far my favorite

September 16th

One of those Weeks Episode 38Making One of those Weeks chapter 38

This fortnight's release is chapter 38 of my Making of One of those Weeks eBooks where we take a look at how to navigate an object in a zero gravity environment. Future One of those Weeks releases will start combining both the open source release with the making of documentation. If you are not sure what one of those Weeks is, click on the project banner below and enjoy all 46 episodes.

September 30th

Game of LifeDozen Days of Tiles Episode 4: Conway's Game of Life

This fortnight's release is a special game as it was inspired by my Mother who passed away on July 29th, 2011. This is more of a simulation than a game, but if you have never played with this game before, it is surprisingly addictive. The cancer mode of the game is a unique addition that may be morbid but was my way of dealing with the passing away of my mother.

October 14th

OotW 39One of those Weeks episode 39 Open Source and Making Of

This fortnight's release is a double release as the open source version of Episode 39 of One of those Weeks is being released with the making of chapter for that episode. This chapter is much more theory driven so anyone who is curious about the design of games might find the chapter to be of some use.

October 28th

Aleins ZombiesAlein's Zombies

Alein the Alien has returned to Earth on Halloween and has brought a small army of zombies with her. You are her intended victim but she was nice enough to leave you with a shotgun and shells scattered throughout the woods. Can you survive Halloween?

November 11th

Color Collapse PlusColor Collapse Plus

The second build of my reworking of my old Color Collapse game. This build adds the much requested undo feature that the original game lacked and has implemented basic animation. There are a lot of really neat new game modes and features that I have planned for this game but until my 2012 series of games is finished, this game is on my back-burner so development will be slow.

November 25th

Color Collapse PlusOne of those Weeks Episode 40 Open Source Release and Making Of

One of those Weeks episode 40, where you are on trial for your life and must prove that you are sentient, has been released as open source. If that wasn't enough, the making of chapter has also been released. The next update of this site will be slightly early as I am releasing the next game on December 7th.

Color Collapse PlusPuzzle Gallery: Angels and Fairies

I am releasing this fortnight's release a few days early as December 7th was my Mother's birthday. Today's release combines all the games from Dozen Days of Tiles into a single game with 16 different images to choose from. If there is interest, additional art galleries will be created for this series.

TMoDBlazing Games Calendar for 2012 Download.

To celebrate the end of the year, we at Blazing Games are giving our visitors a 2012 Calendar that provides a sneak preview of our Twelve Months of Doomsday series that will be running throughout 2012. Each month we will be releasing a new episode with episodes being modernized version of classic-style arcade games.

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