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January 6th

Color Collapse PlusTwelve Months of Doomsday Episode 1: Moon Landings

For 2012, we are releasing a 12 part series based on classic arcade games but with an end of the world theme as we follow the attempts to save earth from Alein the Alien. In this first episode, you must land a fleet of cargo pods on the moon. For hints at upcoming games, be sure to download the Blazing Games 2012 Calendar.

January 20th

Color Collapse PlusOne of those Weeks episode 41 and Making of One of those Weeks chapter 41

At long last, I am releasing the open source versions of the final day of One of those Weeks with the matching Making of chapters. Episode 41 was the dream sequence episode where the player must traverse an ever-changing river of lava to avoid the Blue Screen of Death.

February 3rd

Twelve Months of Doomsday episode 2 Moon RunTwelve Months of Doomsday episode 2: Moon Run

The second episode of my end of the world series. Jump over obstacles while shooting down alien scouts as you try and deliver a vital component to a neighboring dome.

Update: Feb 4th, fixed invisible damage bug, added sound effects.
February 17th

Leap Year LeapLeap Year Leap

My leap year game for 2008 has been updated for this year. As an extra bonus the source code of the game are being released at the same time.

March 2nd

Color Collapse plusColor Collapse + 0.06

With my big focus being on Twelve Months of Doomsday, the enhanced version of Color Collapse that I envision is going to be a while. I am thinking that the big push for the enhanced features and play modes won't be until 2013 which means that I am now considering changing this project from Flash to HTML 5. Feel free to email me if you have a preference. That said, this month I am adding the last set of original levels (part 3) to the game so if you never finished those levels, you can try again with the new undo feature to make the process of solving the levels much easier.


Color Collapse plusTwelve Months of Doomsday Episode 3: Invasion

This fortnight the TMoD series continues with episode 3. Alein the Alien has launched her first attack and you must defend the moon base from a wave of ships. In unlimited mode, you try to survive as many ever-faster waves as you can.

March 30th

Easter Egg HuntEaster Egg Hunt

As Easter is almost upon us, it is time for my Easter game to make another appearance. This time I am releasing the game as open source. The game is simply a search through a 3D maze to try and find a dozen easter eggs.

April 13th

Easter Egg HuntDeadly Dodge Ball

It is time for a Friday the 13th release so I decided to do a scary thing with my current Friday the 13th project. Not only am I porting it from Flash to HTML5. Even more scary, at least from my perspective, I am trying out a new library for handling the graphics (more details on this on the Blazing Games Development Blog next week). This is the game of Dodge Ball, but with deadly flaming fireballs. See how long you can survive.

April 27th

Space ShieldTwelve Months of Doomsday episode 4: Space Shield

A Solar Flair on the sun is sending a large electromagnetic pulse towards Earth and you need to put up a series of satellites to aid in deflecting the pulse before it causes decades worth of damage to the power infrastructure.

Update: On May 1st posted an updated version that fixes bugs, has better collision detection, has proper scoring and bonuses, more sound (if enabled) and proper unlimited mode.

May 11th

One of those Weeks episode 43One of those Weeks Episode 43 Open Source Release/Making of

A double release this fortnight. Episode 43 of One of those Weeks has been released as open source. In this episode the Medusian professor shows you his secret lab where he is working on a portal that could lead you home. If only you could find out what security measures were in place.In addition, the Making of One of those Weeks Chapter 43 has also been released. As this episode is an information gathering episode where the player gathers the information needed to solve episode 44 by talking to the professor, this chapter provides the conversation map as well as the relevant dialog snippets necessary to solve episode 44.

May 25th

Alien AttackTwelve Months of Doomsday episode 5: Asteroid Attack

Aliens are gathering up asteroids in the asteroid belt. Thankfully, the Gartony 1 spaceship happens to be passing through the area on the way to "Planet X" where Alein the Alien is hiding. As asteroids are fairly hearty objects, the goal is not to destroy the asteroids, but instead to destroy the aliens who are gathering the asteroids in order to give Charles time to prepare a proper Earth defense.

June 8th

One of those Weeks episode 44One of those Weeks episode 44 Open Source and Making Of

This fortnight is a double release as I am releasing episode 44 of One of those Weeks as open source as well as the Making of chapter for the episode. The professor has left you alone in his lab so if you can use the clues gained from episode 43 you should be able to open the lab door and use the portal that will take you back to Earth!

June 22nd

One of those Weeks episode 44Coffee Quest FPS

Between June 9th and 15th I took be taking part in the 7DFPS challenge where the participants attempted to create a First Person Shooter in 7 days. This week I am posting the results of that effort so Episode 6 of Twelve Months of Doomsday will not be released until July 6th. The game I developed for the challenge is a first person shooter version of Coffee Quest.

July 6th

TMoD Alien EspionageTwelve Months of Doomsday episode 6: Alien Espionage

After a slight delay due to Coffee Quest FPSes first beta, Twelve Months of Doomsday continues. You must infiltrate a secret alien stronghold on Earth to recover secret documents so you can find out what the aliens are planning on doing. This game is a bit rougher than I would like but as I am swapped at the moment it is as it is. If there is enough interest in the game, I may do an enhanced version with multiple levels and other enhancements but that would not be for a few months (at least).

July 20th

TMoD Alien EspionageTwelve Months of Doomsday episode 7: Alien Chase

This fortnight Twelve Months of Doomsday continues. After infiltrating a secret alien stronghold to recover secret documents you are being chased on the highway. If you drive too slow, aliens will launch rockets at you. Likewise, some drivers mysteriously are driving the wrong way at high speeds.

One of those Weeks episode 45One of those Weeks episode 45 Open Source Release and Making of

This fortnight I am releasing both the making of One of those Weeks Chapter 45 and the Open Source release of that episode. This is an interesting episode from a source code perspective as the game features texture mapped ray-caster. This is the technique that the HTML 5 versions of Coffee Quest will fall back to when ran on browsers that do not support WebGL, but I am getting a year ahead of myself.

August 17th

One of those Weeks episode 45Twelve Months of Doomsday episode 8: Jupiter Battle

This fortnight I am releasing episode 8 of Twelve Months of Doomsday. The Gartony 1 spaceship is nearing Jupiter when an alien ambush is discovered. Not only must you fight off aliens, but you will have the gravity of Jupiter and it's moons to deal with. If you get too close to a planet or moon you may end up being dragged down to the surface ending your mission quickly.

August 31st

Missing LinksMissing Links

Last weekend I entered a game development competition called Ludum Dare. In this challenge you are given theme and in 48 hours must create a game around the theme. The theme this time was Evolution so I created the game Missing Links where you search for missing links while avoiding (or using your whip on) poisonous spiders. Comments on the game indicate that the game is a bit on the difficult side (I didn't think so but then I know the spider's logic and the map layout so I could be biased).

September 14th

MADTwelve Months of Doomsday Episode 9: M.A.D.

My Twelve Months of Doomsday series continues this fortnight as you try and prevent a nuclear war. Of all the end of the world scenarios in this series, this is the one that terrifies me the most.

September 28th


The Mini Ludum Dare #37 challenge happened September 22&23rd. The theme for the challenge was not a game or real time. My entry attempted to meet both themes. It is a music/rhythm game but instead of playing the game, you create the game in real time before you play. The focus is on creation not on game play. This actually results in a fairly fun experience.

October 12th

One of those Weeks episode 46One of those Weeks episode 46 Open Source Release and Making of

The final installment of One of those Weeks has been released as open source along with the making of chapter. This is one of my favorite episodes as it revolves around the creation of a caramel filled chocolate bar. This episode was inspired by TV commercials trying to portray making a caramel filled chocolate bar as being some type of huge secret when in reality it is very simple to do.

October 26th

One of those Weeks episode 46Twelve Months of Doomsday episode 10: Zombie Rescue

The 10th installment of my TMoD series has you attempting to cure people from a zombie virus. Not everyone is curable so unfortunately some zombies (the ones glowing red in your site) will need to be disposed of. This game is built using the Starling framework so Flash 11 is required but the performance improvements are noticeable so it was worthwhile. This is only my second Starling project (with the first one being a 48 hour challenge). Next year this game will be revisited but with better graphics/sound and many additional levels.

November 9th

One of those Weeks episode 46Twelve Months of Doomsday episode 11: Alien Bugs

The 11th installment of my TMoD series continues from where the last episode left off. The zombie virus seems to have a second effect. It turns certain insects into giant versions of themselves. In order to prevent widespread panic, you must eliminate these insects before they escape the orchard they are munching on and enter the city. This game is built using the Starling framework so Flash 11 is required but the performance improvements are noticeable so it was worthwhile.

November 23rd

One of those Weeks episode 46Mini-Ludum Dare #38 (charity)

This fortnight's release was created over the weekend for the first charity game jam. The theme is NES style games so I attempted to develop a RPG over the weekend. Considering how hard a RPG is to create under normal circumstances, creating one in only 48 hours (about 24 hours if you consider that I slept twice and had breaks for eating and exercise). This is yet another game that I would like to revisit as despite the rough edges the game has I think it has potential.

2013 CalendarBlazing Games 2013 Calendar (pdf)

This fortnight's release is the now annual Calendar. This is a pdf file (you may need to right-click and save-as to download depending on your browser). Some of my regular followers may have noticed I am posting this a day later than usual. This year's calendar has an angel theme. Partly because I knew it was being released on December 7th, and partly in case 2012 really is the end (the odds of this are so low that even I have trouble of conceiving of such a small number). December 7th was my mother's birthday and her favorite thing was Angels so this calendar is being dedicated to her memory.

Planet XTwelve Months of Doomsday episode 12: Planet X

This fortnight's release is the final episode of Twelve Months of Doomsday where you must alter the course of a planetoid sized space ship before it impacts the Earth. This can be done by simply launching a missile into a main-thruster which will cause the ship to slow down enough to miss the Earth. Unfortunately, the space ship is defended so you will need to fight your way to the thruster.

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