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Puzzle Gallery

This project is the HTML 5 replacement of a number of picture-based puzzle games that have appeared on Blazing Games.

Puzzle Gallery AngelsAngels and Fairies

The first collection features Angels and Fairies and is dedicated to the memory of Martha Spelchan. New artwork sets may be created if there is interest.
For those of you who are interested in the original versions of these games, here are the original versions. Note that these were created in Java and Flash so the appropriate plug-in will be required.

Christmas TwistChristmas Twist

A Twisted puzzle game released for Christmas / New Years 2007.

Picture PuzzlePicture Puzzle (2 sets) with Stand Alone Applet download (Open Source)

A simple puzzle game where you have to re-assemble a picture by moving pieces around. Includes downloadable stand alone version.

Sliding PuzzleSliding Puzzle with stand alone applet download (Open Source)

Re-assemble the picture by sliding the pieces of the picture around . Includes downloadable stand alone version.

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