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As the new year starts, the site makes a drastic change which will hopefully result in a much imporved quality of releases.



History BombDozen Days of Words Episode 10:History Bomb

It has been a while since I worked on a Dozen Days game. This series consists of games that are developed in under 24 hours (total development time) but this month I am doing something a bit different. The 17.5 hour original version of History Bomb the game is being released now, and on Valentines Day I will release an enhanced version.

The goal of the game is to sort the topic in historical order. You have two minutes to get through 5 rounds with failure being explosive.

Update: The enhanced version of the game has been released. It adds more questions, cleans up the display, and has optional sound.


History BombSpace Station Defence

This game started as a quick prototype of an idea I had, but I was inspired and so this month I am releasing an action game where you have to defend a space station from a missile onslaught.


History BombFour in a Row HTML 5 Edition

My first Java game has been ported to HTML 5 and is taking advantage of the new canvas tag that Firefox, Safari, and Chrome support. Internet Explorer users can still play the game thanks to ExplorerCanvas, though it runs much slower. Due to negotiations that never went anywhere, I just didn't have the spare time to get the animation implemented. There are also a few other things I want to add to the game so expect more updates of this game in the future.

For those of you who missed my April Fools joke, I will be re posting the message on my Blazing Games Development Blog.


TarotTarot 0.79

The Tarot set of cards is used in a number of card games but is also used to "predict" the future. We have decided to create a series of fortune telling layouts. While fortune telling may not be real, I have discovered that the Tarot makes a great brainstorming tool which can be used to help you make better decisions leading to a better future. More on this later though.

This is a really large project, so this month will be daily updates as I slowly release all 78 cards that make up the tarot as well as a single-card layout. Three cards will be released each day.


Dozen Days of Words Episode 11: Circle Word

The Dozen Days of Words series is taking a different direction for the last two episodes. Instead of creating these episodes in Flash using the FlexSDK, I am writing them using HTML 5 and JavaScript. The first game is a port of an existing game on this site but the final game in the words series will be an original game. To allow Internet Explorer users the ability to play this game, a utility called excanvas is being used. The performance is rather poor so using a browser that properly supports the canvas tag is recommended. At the bottom of the play-game page there is the ability to select from 11 different lists of words and four difficulty levels.


Four Tarot Layouts Added

This is the first of four Tarot layouts that I am planning on releasing this month. The card descriptions are placement specific. More layouts will be released on each Friday of this month if possible.

This is the Second of four Tarot layouts that I am planning on releasing this month. This layout is similar to the Past, Present, Future layout but also adds a blockage card which represents what your current obstacle to your goals is. The card descriptions are placement specific. More layouts will be released on each Friday of this month if possible.

This is the Third of four Tarot layouts that I am planning on releasing this month. This layout is similar to the Celtic Cross layout (coming in a future month, sorry) but is simpler. This is a general situation layout, meaning it can be used for a vast number of queries.

This final layout for this month (and will be on the front page until August 13th) is the Decision Maker layout. This helps you look at other aspects that factor into a decision you have to make. Hopefully this insight will give you a better idea about how to proceed with the decision.


Thirteen Spikes UnlimitedThirteen Spikes Unlimited 1.0

This is the gold (1.0) build of Thirteen Spikes Unlimited. This means that all the goals of the project have been reached. This version includes multiple selectable skins, Multiple campaigns, the campaign editor, and unlimited mode where you go through an unlimited number of randomly generated levels.


Thirteen Spikes UnlimitedDozen Days of Words episode 12: Morse Code

I am finally finishing off the Dozen Days of Words series. This episode is kind of special as it is the first JavaScript/HTML 5 game that I have written completely from scratch. This game has two game modes. You can convert letters into Morse code or you can convert Morse code into letters. I would have liked to have additional modes (for complete word translation) but simply did not have enough time. If this is something you are interested in, email me with the request and I may consider updating the game at a future date.


Vampire Attack 2Vampire Attack 2 Open Source Release

October is the time for Halloween and when I think about Halloween I think monsters. Despite what romance authors may think, the most foul and evil of monsters is the Vampire. This month I am releasing version 1.2 of Vampire Attack 2. This version fixes some of the issues I have had with the game and is also the first Open Source release. In addition to the opening up of the source code, the construction set that I used for creating the level data is being released as well.


TarotTarot 0.85

November was broken down into four separate releases. November 1st was the first half of the unveiling of a new set of Tarot Cards that Mary has created featuring fairies. This release was the Major Arcana. November 7th finished off the unveiling by showcasing the Minor Arcana. The 14 was the Horseshoe layout. Finally, the 21st release was the Celtic Cross layout.

Dugeon Romp 3D Crhismas EditionDungeon Romp 3D Christmas Edition

For Christmas I have finally released a 3D version of the Dungeon Romp Christmas Edition. This is the Java based Ultimate Retro Project randomly generated dungeon game. For those of you who can't remember or have never played the original Dungeon Romp Christmas Edition, evil Gnomes have kidnapped you. In order to escape you must traverse seven levels and find a key. Making this task harder is the fact that their dungeon is populated by evil toys. Merry Christmas.


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