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Coffee Quest Collection

The Coffee Quest series of games is a series Billy D. Spelchan originally started for his Game of the Month homepage. Rights to this series have since been transferred to Blazing Games Inc. The original goal of this project was to develop a web-based role-playing game by starting off with a three dimensional maze and adding role-playing elements until a high-end RPG was formed. After finishing Coffee Quest 4, the series has seemed to lag in development, but now that the Coffee Quest FPS engine has been developed, there is hope that Coffee Quest 5 and 6 will see the light of day (lets get to 6 before thinking about 7-9).


Right now I am spending some time working on the CQFPS game/engine. The beta of this is out now, with the full version coming later this year. After that game is finished, work on creating a WebGL renerer will commense (using the FPS engine as a fallback for browsers that don't support WebGL) I plan on porting the Coffee Quest series to HTML5 and finally creating Coffee Quest 5 and 6.

Coffee Quest

Coffee Quest 1 (5 of 3 episodes, open source)

The first game in our Coffee Quest series of RPGs is more of a 3D maze game than a RPG, but it is the start of the series of games!

Coffee Quest GL

Coffee Quest GL (2 of 5 maps, open source)

The first game in the coffee quest series has been overhauled to take advantage of 3D hardware acceleration allowing for a 360 degree smooth-scrolling version of the classic game.

Coffee Quest 2

Coffee Quest 2 with OSR and Construction Set (5 of 3 episodes, open source)

The second game in our Coffee Quest RPG series adds combat in the form of stationary monsters.

Coffee Quest 3

Coffee Quest 3(3 of 3 episodes, open source)

The third in my coffee quest series adds multiple levels of dungeon to explore and monsters that move in addition to a more sophisticated inventory system.


Coffee Quest 4

An updated version of this download-only game

Santa's Search

Santa's Search (open source)

The toy stealing gnomes were unable to steal Santa's toys so instead hid the reindeer from Santa. You must help Santa recover the reindeer! While this is not directly related to Coffee Quest, it is similar in play style to the original Coffee Quest, and I needed to put it somewhere (as the old Story collection has been depreciated) so I put it here.

Coffee Quest FPS

Coffee Quest FPS (BETA)

Coffee Quest re-envisioned as a First Person Shooter. This game was originally created as part of the 2012 7DFPS challenge but is being enhanced and being turned into a full-fledged entery in the Coffee Quest universe.

Get involved with this project

CQFS and most of the games in the Coffee Quest series are open source so if you are interested in contributing to this series, more information will be provided here shortly.

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