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Coffee Quest GL

The OpenGL version of Coffee Quest

Page Last Updated: December 15, 2006


Coffee Quest is our series of RPGs, which evolved from a simple maze game into a full-fledged RPG. This first game just has the 3D maze and quest item aspects of the game. This is the OpenGL version of the game. for the original version, click here.

Playing the Game

On the top left of the display is your view of the world. To the right of that is the map of the world. The map only shows you where you have been and has a large red dot indicating where you currently are. Below the map is a compass that indicates the current direction you are facing. On the bottom of the screen is your inventory bar. The black silhouettes represent items that you can acquire. They will become color pictures when you pick up that item. Keys will have a number underneath. The number indicates how many of that item you have.

The game is with the keyboard.

You pick up items by walking over them. Go to the power outlet with all the items in order to win the game.

System Requirements

This game is requires Java 1.42 or better and a graphics card that supports OpenGL to run. This applet makes use of the Java JOGL extension which is signed by Sun Microsystems. You need to accept the license for the game to start loading. The JOGL extension allows Java applets to use OpenGL which is a hardware accelerated 3D Graphics standard.

Clicking on the link below indicates that you agree to the disclaimer (click here to read).. I will remind you that you are playing this game at your own risk. While I have tried to make sure the game runs fine, it does use OpenGL which is hardware level acceleration and is dependent on drivers which I have no control over.

PLAY CQ1 Original Map

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