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The Coffee Quest 3 Problem (Written June of 2003)
When doing the updated version of Coffee Quest 3 I discovered a problem that results in the game downloading much more information than is needed. Here is how that problem was discovered and fixed.

Munch's Oddysee Walkthrough (2001)
A walkthrough of the XBox game.

Why Casinos Win
A look at the reasons why the casino will get your money if you go to them.

Blazing Games Plans for 2008

What went right and wrong with 2007 and what my plans for the site are as of January 4th 2008.

Blazing Games Plans for 2009

After having a poll to get feedback from my regular visitors, here are my decisions on the schedule, Dozen Days of Words, One of those Weeks, and Coffee Quest.


Blazing Games Guide to Flash Game Development volume 1
(35 of 35 chapters - Downloadable pdf version)

We look at how to create games using Macromedia's Flash animation tool. Over the course of the book, 10 small games are created.

Making One of those Weeks

Blazing Games Guide to Flash Game Development volume 2
Making One of those Weeks

(44 of 46 chapters - no downloads until book is finished)

A look at the development of the muliple-episode game One of those Weeks, with each chapter covering an episode.

Making Coffee Quest

Making Coffee Quest
(introduction, Chapters 1 to 4- Downloads only after each part is finished)

A look behind the Coffee Quest series of games.

Blazing Games Guide to Java Game Development
(On Hiatus)

Looking at creating games using the Java programming language.

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