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Munch's Oddysee Walkthrough

Copyright © 2001,2003-2004 Billy D. Spelchan. All rights not set forth in the following paragraphs are reserved.

It goes without saying, but Munch's Oddysee and all the characters within it are the work of Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc. and the XBox and all of its unique elements are owed by Microsoft. Any trademarked elements mentioned in this walkthrough are owned by one of those two.

The text of this walkthrough, and the opinions within this walkthrough are owned by Billy D. Spelchan. You have the right to read and distribute this document in any format you wish as long as there is no charge (other than the cost of the media) and the text remains unchanged. Contact me through the Blazing Games website's ( contact page.


This month I am trying something a little bit different. I am releasing a walkthrough of a commercial game. While this walkthrough was written a few years ago, the game is now part of the XBox platinum games lineup. If you have an XBox and do not have this game, get it! This is my favorite XBox game. The purpose of this article is to get feedback on what you think about having articles about comercial games. This will become much more significant in upcoming years as the amount of content that I release starts to increase. Please let me know what you think.


I really enjoyed the game and hope the sequels are just as enjoyable. The reason I am writing this walkthrough is that I needed an excuse to play the game again. In the remote chance that any of the designers are reading this, I have put in my opinions throughout the walkthrough. If the designers don't think it's fair that I am critiquing their work they should feel free to go to my site and critique my games (see above). Overall opinion is that there is not enough Munch in the game. If I was doing Munch's Exodus (wild guess at the next game) I would get rid of the sonar and replace it with a way of diving under the water (hold down the trigger and you dive or rise instead of moving forward or backward) and then add more things to do in the water.

The goal of the game is to get the last can of Gabbiar. You do this by helping Abe and later by creating the LuLu fund and getting Glukkons to donate to it. The nice thing about the game is you can save anywhere, and you have an infinite number of lives. You also have an infinite amount of spooce, though you need a spooceshrub and a lot of patience for this. The thing I don't like about the game is that it is over way too soon. Perhaps it's because I enjoyed the game so much that it seems so short, as the walk through is fairly long. Still, I hope the sequel comes out soon and that it is longer. If the next game is Munch's Exodus, then please have more Munch in the game!

Now, lets get to the game.


There are two ways you can play the game. One to get as low Quarma so you can see the bad ending (which is worth doing bad for in my opinion) or you can play to get high (preferably perfect) Quarma. I will focus on getting perfect (Angelic) Quarma, though all the levels are the same (though some of the speeches are different) no matter which route you are taking. To get poor Quarma, just rescue as few creatures as possible.

I am skipping the tutorial levels of the game, as they guide you fairly well if you read the info boxes. So lets start with where Munch just after escaping from the operating table. I provide detailed solutions, as when I've used walkthroughs it's been because I'm stuck and I hate getting a walkthrough and finding that it doesn't have enough information to get me past the part I'm stuck in.

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