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Game Jams
Game Jams

Apple HarvestApple Harvest
Ludum Dare 27 Flash game where you collect as many apples as possible in 10 seconds.

Binary LogicBinary Logic
This flash game turns Boolean Logic into a puzzle game.

Change Drop TurboChange Drop Turbo
A Flash game created for Charity Jam 2 where you need to catch change from your piggy bank.

Charity Jam Simple RPGCharity Jam Simple RPG
A simple NES style RPG for the first Charity Jam.

Coffee Quest 2600Coffee Quest 2600
This Flash game was my entry for Mini-Ludum Dare 50 the theme was deconstruction where you take a modern game and create a version as if it were for an older console. This is my coffee quest game if it were for the Atari 2600.

Color SmashColor Smash
This Flash game is my New Year's Game Jam entry. This game requires you to smash the complementary color as quick as you can (a table of complementary colors is in the about section of the game).

CRA AuditorCRA Auditor
A Flash game created for the CRA Jam in protest of the Canadian Revenue Agency firing an employee for creating a game.

This Flash game was created for Mini-Ludum Dare #40. The theme was real-world. This game uses a small chunk of real human DNA data as it's real-world component.

Egil Gnome RevengeEvil Gnome's Revenge
Flash game where as an evil gnome, it is your duty to disrupt the annoyingly happy holiday known as Christmas by scattering Santa’s Reindeer.

Loot RunLoot Run
A minimalist platforming game created for Ludum Dare #26.

Metal GalaxyMetal Galaxy
Colonize the galaxy before your opponents in this game for Mini-Ludum Dare 44.

Moon Base ZMoon Base Z
You are the sheriff of a moon research base. Something has gone horribly wrong with the cancer cure being developed and it is turning people into zombies. You must stop this infestation.

RPG Maker First gameRPG First game
This game was created in order to learn how to use RPG Maker VX Ace. I had started creating a much more elaborate game for the RPG Maker June contest but as always, things came up and I simply did not have enough spare time to do the game justice.

Saga of the Candy Apple ScrollsSaga of the Candy Apple Scroll
Flash game created for CandyJam where jammers protested the King attempt at trademarking the word Candy. This is a variant of the Memory game.

Schrodinger's KittenSchrodinger's Kitten
This game was created for the Ludum Dare #28 challenge. The game is simple, you want to collect as many kittens as you get in 10 rounds (zombie kittens count as half a kitten while dead kittens don't count at all).

Spikey BirdSpikey Bird
This Unity game was my entry for the Flappy Jam which was a game jam to create a clone of Flappy Bird. This game features spikes instead of pipes!

Thanks for all the FishThanks for all the Fish
This Flash game is the last game created before dissolving Blazing Games. A simple timed fishing game.

Towels for EarthTowels for Earth
Flash game for Mini-Ludum Dare 42 where you need to save Earth from being destroyed by throwing towels at demolition beams.

TreasureRunTreasure Run
For the Low Level theme of Mini-Ludum Dare 45 I wrote an NES game. This can be played on the JavaScript emulator or downloaded and played on a faster emulator.

Whale of a TaleWhale of a Tale
Flash game created for Mini-Ludum Dare 41. The theme was Blood in the Water. You are a whale trying to stay alive for as long as possible. This is done by avoiding harpoons.

Zombie ForeverZombie Forever
In this Flash game for MiniLD 39, you are a zombie and want to infect everyone on the island to form an army of zombies and take over the world.

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