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location Blazing Games - Game Jam Collection - Mini-Ludum Dare #39

Zombie Forever

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The Theme for Min-Ludum Dare #39 was "hindsight".

Last Updated: January 18, 2013


As a zombie, you want to eat the brains of humans which turns them into more zombies. Every time you kill a human, they join your ever-growing army of zombies. Sadly some humans simply will not submit to your army draft attempt and will fight you. This is bad as you can lose zombies. More important, the more damage a zombie takes, the slower they move. Just remember that there is strength in numbers!

System Requirements

This game requires the Flash Player 11 or greater plug in be installed in your browser.
You can get this plug in at the Adobe web site by clicking here.

Revision History

January 18, 2013 - Mini-Ludum Dare #39 release


The Ludum Dare version is out but I have plans to add new features, fix some issues, and have two new levels. These versions will appear shortly.

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