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Dozen Days Pentalogy

Dozen Days of Tiles

Volume 3 of the Dozen Days Pentalogy

Scrambled PyramidEpisode 1: Sudoku Player

Sudoku is a puzzle game where you try and make sure numbers are placed in an order where there will only be one of each number in each row, column and group.

Scrambled PyramidEpisode 2: Sudoku Generator

This second episode continues where the first episode left off and adds a sudoku puzzle generator. This generator may be used to create puzzles that can be printed out or puzzles that can be played in the episode 1 Sudoku player..

Scrambled PyramidEpisode 3: Puzzle Gallery

A collection of picure-based puzzle games. Instead of creating a single game in under 24 hours, this 24 hour period was spent creating as many games as I could. Below are links to the 8 games that were created:


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