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Dozen Days of Dice: Sic Bo



General Game play

This is a casino game that you should never play for real money because the house edge is just too high. The game is really simple. You select the bets that you want to make. The bets are about what the results of a roll of three dice are going to result in. There are six types of bets that can be made. You can make as many bets as you want, with the game automatically replacing your chips after the dice is rolled. You are free to change the bets as many times as you want before the dice are rolled.

You can bet that a die will show a particular number. Your bet is multiplied by the number of dice that actually contain that number. This is the same as the Ultimate Retro Project's Chuck-a-Luck game.

The next bet is on two dice showing a specific combination of numbers. These bets pay five times the bet.

The third type of bet, in which the payout varies for each bet, is the particular total as a result of the bet. The reason the bets vary in payouts is due to the fact that there are more combinations of the three dice that add up numbers within the middle of the range so they happen more frequently.

Doubles, triples, and high or low numbers round out the betting options. The balance on the bottom of the screen is your overall winnings or (if the number is negative) losings. That is all there is to the game.

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