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Dozen Days Pentalogy

Volume 1: of the Dozen Days Pentalogy

Episode 1: Tennis with Dice

A very simply dice game that uses a tennis scoring system.

Thirty Six

Episode 2: Thirty Six

The classic dice game of Thirty Six. The goal of this game is to get closer to thirty six than your opponents, though going over 36 is an automatic loss.


Episode 3: Threes

A dice game where the goal is to get the lowest score possible. The twist is that three's are treated as zeros. The other twist is that rolling 5 sixes automatically wins the game.


Episode 4: Poker Dice

The title of this game is all than needs to be said. For those of you who don't know what poker is, the game has instructions that explain the various poker hands.


Episode 5: Sic Bo

The most complicated dice game done to date, and like a mad-man I chose it to do on my first ever game developed live on the site. All the earlier builds are included in the developers diary that is on the articles tab if you are curious.


Episode 6: Drop Dead

A simple dice game where you want to roll the highest amount possible while avoiding the deadly twos and fives.


Episode 7: Hearts

A simple dice game based on the sequences dice game but using the word HEARTS. It is also the first game in this series that was developed in Flex so anybody can modify the game using the free Flex3SDK.


Episode 8: Shut the Box

The goal of Shut the Box is to shut all the boxes by choosing one or two open boxes that add up to the value rolled on the dice. While it is a simple game to play, I found it to be surprisingly fun.


Episode 9: Pig

Greed is tested in this simple dice game.


Episode 10: General

The game of General is a Category game where the goal of the game is to fill all the categories with the highest score possible. The version of General that I have played has 10 categories, though I have seen variations of the game that have more. In addition, there is an instant win if the player rolls 5 of a kind on their first roll.


Episode 11: Everest

The game of Everest requires the player to flag all 24 locations on the mountain by forming dice combinations.

Dix Mille

Episode 12: Dix Mille

The game of 10,000 requires players form combos to build their score. I have gone with a racing theme for this game's presentation.

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