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Game goes Gold


The only issue I had with the game was the fact that after the game was finished it was possible to play with the game. Hiding the game when the game is over is a simple fix for this problem.

I also never implemented AI. So to get AI to work, I simply have the computer roll 5 times and keep the total. If a 1 is rolled during the five rolls then the computer has scored nothing. It is not the best strategy but does seem to work fairly well.

Finally, the thing that took the bulk of my time was Reworking the about class to be generic. The new about system allows for any number of pages and has previous and next buttons in addition to the done button that exits the about page. The previous and next buttons are hidden when there is no previous or next page.

While I probably should have finished this game in under the 11 hours that it took, my mind is quite occupied with other stressfull issues so when you take that into account I actually did a fairly quick job of getting this game put together.

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