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Hearts Release Candidate


At this point the game works great. There are two things that bother me so a bit of changes to the code are going to be needed and I am going to have to write a new class. The first change that I want to make is the addition of an about sequence. This would provide a bit of information about the program. The second thing to add is win determination. The question is how to handle this.

Creating an about screen is very simple since it is essentially just text fields and a text button. Still it is a good thing to have so it is worth the effort. What I should probably be doing is creating a general purpose about system that would allow the coder to add a number of pages and automatically be able to navigate between them. Sadly, it is already much later than I thought it would be for reaching this point of the development so that will have to wait for another game.

In the traditional rules for this game, the first person to reach or pass the target score which is usually 100 or 150 is the winner. This is not necessarily fair so my minor change to the rules is that at the end of each round, the game looks to see if anyone has reached or passed 100. If so, the highest score wins, with the possibility of ties.

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