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Hearts Beta

7:45- 20:15

Getting the game from alpha to beta was quit a bit of work. The work was divided into two classes that had to be created. These are the Manager class and the Player class. While there are similar classes that were created for the flash dice games, those classes were a bit too integrated into Flash so I wrote these versions from scratch.

The player class has color information in it so that it can algorithmically draw itself. Since the drawing consists of only a filled rectangle, this is not that big of a deal. Each player entry also has a name and a score that get drawn.

The manager class creates an instance of the game and 6 instances of the player setting each player to a different color. A return to title button is also created.

Once the code for the game was finished, it was a simple matter to make the main game class be able to switch between the title and the game and at this point the beta can be considered finished.

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