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One of those Weeks

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The One of those Weeks projects actually started off as a demo game that I put together for a third party to demonstrate to them that Flash could be used to create adventure games. This demo, called Dragon and the Sword, as well as the first episode of One of those Weeks ended up being part of my first "successful" attempt to write a book. The game is a basic adventure game using basic point and click mechanics. The game is broken into short self-contained episodes, so if you get stuck on a particular episode you can skip it.


The game has been fully released, with many of the episodes released as open source. I plan on releasing the day 5 and day 6 episodes of this series as open source sometime in 2009 and day 7 will be released as open source in 2010! If you liked this game and want to see more adventure games email me. If there is enough interest I will do another adventure game (possibly a sequel if that is specifically asked for).

Games in this project

Dragon and the Sword

Dragon and the Sword (Open Source)

The prototype game that lead to the One of those Weeks series. You must find the magic sword in order to stop the dragon from terrorizing your village!

OotW Day 1

One of those Weeks Day 1 (10 episodes, all open source)

What a terrible dream you are in. Rooms connected together in illogical ways and worst of all is the terrible beast that is chasing after you! You must move quick and try to find the exit to this strange nightmare. Of course, waking up is only the start to this rather interesting week.

OotW Day 2

One of those Weeks Day 2 (6 episodes, all open source)

After the events of day one you have found yourself stranded somewhere. Of course, you have to figure out where you are but to make matters worse, you are not alone!

OotW Day 3

One of those Weeks Day 3 (6 episodes, 6 open source)

You now know where you are, but now you have the problem of figuring out how to get back to civilization.

OotW Day 4

One of those Weeks Day 4 (6 episodes, 6 open source)

Your return to civilization was a blunt reminder that civilization isn't always very civilized.

OotW Day 5

One of those Weeks Day 5 (6 episodes)

While you appear to have managed to get away from the goons who were chasing you, things aren't exactly looking up. You appear to be in some type of secret research lab, but what exactly are they researching and does that strange dream you started the day off have anything remotely to do with your current situation?

One of those Wees Day 6

One of those Weeks Day 6 (6 of 6 episodes)

Space. A super intelligent alien that looks like a dog. A squirrel and an insane millionaire. What more could you want?

One of those Weeks day 7

One of those Weeks Day 7 (6of 6 episodes released)

After managing to survive your trial you now need to work to earn your citizenship, but the professor who you have been assigned to work for may have other ideas...

Get involved with this project

While new episodes are initially released as closed source, after about a year I open source them. More information will be provided here shortly about how you can help out with this project.

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