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Dragon and the Sword

A simple Flash Adventure game

Page Last Updated: March 11, 2005


A dragon has been terrorizing your village for the last few years. Many knights have attempted to somehow rid the land of this dragon, but have come to crisp ends. You have recently heard about a magic sword that is leathal to dragons while protecting the wielder from fire. If you were able to find this sword you would be able to rescue your village. As it turns out, you also discovered where the sword is hidden. Inside the dragons caves!

Playing the game

To start this simple adventure, click on the start button when it appears. Click on objects on the screen to pick them up. Objects picked up are added to your inventory bar at the bottom of the screen.Click on the object in your inventory bar to attempt to use it.

Behind the Game

This game was a quickly done prototype to demonstrate that adventure games could be done in Flash for one of our potential clients. The interface is overly simplified, and there isn't as much animation that could be done, but the time it took me to put this game together clearly showed the viability of Flash for creating adventure games. This game is part of the Blazing Games Guide to Flash Game Development eBook.

System Requirements

This game requires the Flash Player 6 or greater plugin be installed in your brower.
You can get this plugin at the Adobe web site by clicking here.

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PLAY Dragon and the Sword

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