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Life in an Onion

The map for this episode is rather interesting as unlike other maps, this map takes the form of an onion. The entire episode takes place inside a single room, but within that room is a second room. Within that second room is a third room.

Episode 16 map

Solving this episode consists of building an object. With that hint, if you haven't figured out the solution to this episode yet, please give it another try as there is much more enjoyment in figuring out the solution to a puzzle yourself. Of course, sometimes even the simplest of puzzles can be perplexing to some people who once shown the solution smack themselves on the forehead for missing the obvious and trying to make the problem much more complicated then it really is. Likewise, sometimes game designers who are familiar with the puzzle tend to think that their puzzle is a lot easier than it really is. As I am the designer of this puzzle, I am biased towards thinking that this is a really easy episode.

The first thing that you need to do is pick up the key that the squirrel dropped. Next grab an orange from the trees. Now you have officially done what you set out to do, but there is a plane in the orchard. Click on the plane to walk towards it. On the ground is a copper wire and a chunk of aluminum. Two different metals. Use the key on the cockpit door to enter the cockpit where you will find the GPS unit. Of course, it doesn't work. The batteries are dead. If only you had a battery. One very common science experiment is to make a battery out of a lemon. Actually it is the acid in the lemon reacting to two different metals that causes the energy. Oranges, while not as acidic as lemons, would also work. So to build an orange battery one simply puts the orange down on the shelf. Stick the copper wire into the orange. Stick the aluminum into the orange. Attach the wires to the GPS.

One could argue that modern electronic devices such as a GPS are designed for specific battery levels and probably couldn't be powered without the correct type of battery. This is probably true, but most these devices also have rechargeable batteries which quite often can be charged with different sources other than power outlets. I have seen chargers that let you use the output from a plane's headphone jack to charge an iPod, so this episode is not totally unrealistic and is probably much more accurate science-wise then most Hollywood movies.

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