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The list below is in order of most popular to least popular game. Games near the top will be more likely to be upgraded than lower ranked games, though the difficulty of upgrading a game and its monetizability will be taken into account when deciding the order of games that I work on when upgrading. If there are paid upgrades, such as from a Kickstarter campaign, those take presidence.

  1. [ ] One of those Weeks (46 episodes)
    A Flash adventure game that takes a bad week to the extreme.
  2. [X] Coffee Quest Series (4 games broken into 14 episodes)
    My Java based RPG series started off as 3D maze game and became full fledged RPG.
  3. [X] Ultimate Retro Project(60 episodes)
    A series of games based on classic text games in text and modernized versions
  4. [ ] Twelve Months of Doomsday
    This Flash series (13 episodes) reveals what really happened in 2012 and why the world did not end!
  5. [ ] Thirteen Spikes Squared
    Flash game where you save a balloon from being popped in thirteen rooms each filled with thirteen spikes.
  6. [ ] Evil Eggs
    A Flash Easter themed game where you must help the Easter Bunny find tainted eggs.
  7. [ ] Mr. Holeman
    Java based action/puzzle game where you move portable holes around in order to gather all the gems while avoiding red slimes.
  8. [ ] Change Drop Turbo
    A Flash game created for Charity Jam 2 where you need to catch change from your piggy bank.
  9. [ ] Zombie Forever
    In this Flash game for MiniLD 39, you are a zombie and want to infect everyone on the island to form an army of zombies and take over the world.
  10. [ ] Missile Master
    Shoot down the missiles before they destroy your cities in this arcade game.
  11. [ ] April Fools 2
    In this Flash game, you must dodge pies that your friends are throwing at you.
  12. [ ] Thanks for all the Fish
    This Flash game is the last game created before dissolving Blazing Games. A simple timed fishing game.
  13. [ ] D.N.A.
    This Flash game was created for Mini-Ludum Dare 40. The theme was real-world. This game uses a small chunk of real human DNA data as its real-world component.
  14. [ ] Fortune Cookie
    You pick your cookie and read the fortune. The cookies all have different fortunes (and every plate consists of different cookies) so your choice matters.
  15. [ ] Valentine Hearts
    A Flash Valentine Day game where you need to catch 14 hearts while avoiding broken hearts.
  16. [ ] Canada Day Flag Game
    Flash game where you try to reveal the Canadian flag by catching maple leaves.
  17. [ ] Tower of Hanoi
    Your goal is to move the tower to one of the two adjacent locations. The problem, you can only move one piece at a time and can not put a larger piece on top of a smaller piece.
  18. [ ] Santa Snowball
    Flash game where you help Santa save Christmas by protecting his workshop from evil gnomes.
  19. [ ] Coffee Quest 2600
    This Flash game was my entry for Mini-Ludum Dare 50 the theme was deconstruction where you take a modern game and create a version as if it were for an older console. This is my coffee quest game if it were for the Atari 2600.
  20. [ ] Egg Generator
    A Flash Easter egg generator.
  21. [ ] Deadly Doors
    Flash game where you must find the safe path through a series of deadly doors.
  22. [ ] Santas Search
    In this Flash Christmas game, the evil gnomes have hid all of Santas Reindeer and you must find them to save Christmas.
  23. [ ] Solitaire Board Game
    In this Flash game, remove all the marbles by jumping over other marbles leaving the last marble in the center of the board.
  24. [ ] Desktop Tennis
    Flash game where you play a table-tennis style game but with additional obstacles.
  25. [ ] Vampire Attack
    The goal of this Flash game is to shoot all the vampires before they get you.
  26. [ ] Binary Logic
    This flash game turns Boolean Logic into a puzzle game.
  27. [ ] Wilmags Labs
    Lord Bill has had a curse placed on him and you must find an antidote before he dies. Mixing the proper ingredients in the proper order will result in a cure but time is short!
  28. [ ] Space Station Defence
    Defend a space station from a missile attack.
  29. [ ] Towels for Earth
    Flash game for Mini-Ludum Dare 42 where you need to save Earth from being destroyed by throwing towels at demolition beams.
  30. [ ] Poker Square
    This Flash game is a solo game where you try to make the best twelve poker hands that you can by arranging cards into a 5x5 grid.
  31. [ ] Vampire Attack 2
    The goal this Flash game is to find the vampire, but to do that you will have to work your way through the forest, through the castle, and finally through the underground catacombs in order to find him.
  32. [ ] Big Wheel
    A Flash version of a common carnival game.
  33. [ ] Knights Tour
    Flash version of the Classic Chess puzzle where you must traverse a chess board with a knight.
  34. [ ] Biorhythms
    This Flash game is a pseudo-scientific method that some people believe will help them predict their future state of health, emotion, and intelligence.
  35. [ ] April Fools
    In this Flash game, you must dodge pies that your friends is throwing at you.
  36. [ ] Independence Day Flag Game
    This flash game lets Americans celebrate Independence day by setting off fire crackers to complete the American Flag.
  37. [ ] Darts
    Flash game of Darts featuring 301, 501, 1001, and Around the Clock modes.
  38. [ ] Evil Gnomes Revenge
    Flash game where as an evil gnome, it is your duty to disrupt the annoyingly happy holiday known as Christmas by scattering Santa’s Reindeer.
  39. [ ] Poker Dice
    The title of this Flash game is all than needs to be said.
  40. [ ] Queens Challenge
    Place 8 Queens on a chessboard without any Queen in danger from the others.
  41. [ ] Fleet
    A Flash version of the classic pen and paper game. Your goal is to destroy your opponents fleet of ships before your opponent can destroy your fleet of ships.
  42. [ ] Alphabet Points
    In this Flash game there are several letters with point values behind it. You pick values while being offered bids. You keep either the accepted bid or the last tile.
  43. [ ] Spikey Bird
    This Unity game was my entry for the Flappy Jam which was a game jam to create a clone of Flappy Bird. This game features spikes instead of pipes!
  44. [ ] Halloween Lich
    Flash game where you must avoid a deadly lich during Halloween.
  45. [ ] Color Smash
    This Flash game is my New Years Game Jam entry. This game requires you to smash the complementary color as quick as you can (a table of complementary colors is in the about section of the game).
  46. [ ] Tennis with Dice
    A very simple Flash dice game that uses a tennis scoring system.
  47. [ ] Dragon and the Sword
    Flash game (part of FGD book) where you need to stop the dragon that is terrorizing your village.
  48. [ ] Santa Vs. The Evil Gnomes
    In this Java game, evil gnomes have kidnapped eight of Santas Elves so you (Santa) have to get them back.
  49. [ ] Whale of a Tale
    Flash game created for Mini-Ludum Dare 41. The theme was Blood in the Water. You are a whale trying to stay alive for as long as possible. This is done by avoiding harpoons.
  50. [ ] Rotation Puzzle
    Java based image puzzle where you re-assemble the picture by rotating the columns and rows of the picture.
  51. [ ] History Bomb
    A Flash trivia game where the player must sort lists into proper order before the bomb explodes.
  52. [ ] Everest
    The Flash dice game of Everest requires the player to flag all 24 locations on the mountain by forming dice combinations.
  53. [ ] Leap Year Leap
    Leap over leap years in this Flash February 29th game.
  54. [ ] General
    The goal of this Flash dice game is to fill all the categories with the highest score possible.
  55. [ ] Lucky Scratch
    This flash game is a scratch and win game where you win a lucky symbol. Every ticket is a winner.
  56. [ ] Halloween Scratch
    The sequel to the Lucky Scratch game where you win a lucky symbol. Every ticket is a winner, though instead of a lucky symbol, you get your lucky Halloween monster.
  57. [ ] CRA Auditor
    A Flash game created for the CRA Jam in protest of the Canadian Revenue Agency firing an employee for creating a game.
  58. [ ] Sic Bo
    A Flash version of the casino game.
  59. [ ] Memory Challenge
    The goal of this Java game is to remove matching tiles as quickly and as accuracy as you can as your score is dependent on both speed and accuracy.
  60. [ ] Dix Mille
    This Flash version of the dice game of 10,000 requires players form combos to build their score. I have gone with a racing theme for this games presentation.
  61. [ ] Charity Jam Simple RPG
    A simple NES style RPG for the first Charity Jam.
  62. [ ] Scrambled Pyramid
    In this Flash word game, four words related to a common topic are scrambled. Can you figure out what the words are?
  63. [ ] Hangman
    A Flash version of the classic word game that everyone should be familiar with. Hangman is the game where you must figure out the secret word before the hangman hangs you.
  64. [ ] Musatic
    This Flash based game is a music/dance game with a bit of a twist. Instead of playing the rhythm game, you are creating the game.
  65. [ ] Drop Dead
    A simple Flash dice game where you want to roll the highest amount possible while avoiding the deadly twos and fives.
  66. [ ] Saga of the Candy Apple Scroll
    Flash game created for CandyJam where jammers protested the King attempt at trademarking the word Candy. This is a variant of the Memory game.
  67. [ ] Word Shift
    A Flash semi-original word game. It can best be described as a combination of my Rotation Puzzle game with my Growing Words game.
  68. [ ] Crossword
    A Flash crossword puzzle themed around Blazing Games.
  69. [ ] Pig
    Greed is tested in this simple Flash dice game.
  70. [ ] Missing Links
    Flash game for Ludum Dare 24 with the theme of Evolution!
  71. [ ] Growing Words
    Remove all the words from the word list before the game board is filled with the growing letters.
  72. [ ] Hearts
    A simple Flash dice game based on the sequences dice game but using the word HEARTS.
  73. [ ] Crystal Skull
    In this Flash game(?) let the crystal skull answer questions about your future!
  74. [ ] Threes
    A Flash dice game where the goal is to get the lowest score possible. The twist is that three is treated as zero.
  75. [ ] Thirty Six
    A flash version of the classic dice game of Thirty Six with the goal of getting closer to thirty six than your opponents without going over.
  76. [ ] Shut the Box
    The goal of this Flash dice game is to shut all the boxes by choosing one or two open boxes that add up to the value rolled on the dice.
  77. [ ] Trivia Bomb
    A Flash trivia game with an explosive time limit. You must correctly answer 3 questions (from a choice of 6) before the fuse runs out.
  78. [ ] Word Slide
    This Flash word game is a combination of a sliding puzzle and Growing Words.
  79. [ ] Apple Harvest
    Ludum Dare 27 Flash game where you collect as many apples as possible in 10 seconds.
  80. [ ] Schrodingers Kitten
    This game was created for the Ludum Dare 28 challenge. The game is simple, you want to collect as many kittens as you get in 10 rounds (zombie kittens count as half a kitten while dead kittens do not count at all).
  81. [ ] Easter Egg Hunt
    This Flash game was created for Easter and is an Easter Egg Hunt.

Games in development:

  1. Pent Up Anger
    A Flash board game where you must move your five pieces from their starting location to the ending location. Only one piece is allowed on any location so if you land on an occupied piece, you send that piece back to start.
  2. Lights Out
    Flash game where you need to smash light bulbs to escape was written as part of my Flash Game Development book.
  3. 3D Tic Tac Toe
    By adding a third dimension this otherwise simple game becomes a fairly challenging game. Part of the Blazing Games Guide to Flash Game Development eBook.
  4. Cribbage Square
    A Flash solitaire game where you lay cards in a grid attempting to score the best cribbage hand for each row, column and diagonal.
  5. String Along
    Flash game where you where you guide an ever-growing string of spheres though a number of mazes was written as part of my Flash Game Development book.
  6. Nim
    A Flash version of the classic logic game Nim where you want to take the last object!
  7. Bomb Nim
    A Flash version of the classical logic game Bomb Nim where you want to force your opponent to take the bomb.
  8. Video Poker
    A Flash collection of your typical traditional alley of video poker machines, except these do not cost money! Includes 10s or Better, Jacks or Better, and 3 other machines.

More information about the plans for the games will be presented as those plans are developed. I am considering doing a number of Kickstarter campaign which would be used to determine how much interest there is in preserving any of these games. If there is not enough interest, I may just take the monetizable games from the list and (sadly) discard the rest but if results from the poll and campaign are positive may end up upgrading all the games. Time and peoples interest will determine the future of these games!

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