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Four in a Row


Playing the Game

The game has three difficulty levels, which must be selected before starting the game. The difficulty levels determin how far ahead the computer will think before making its move. On really slow computers the higher difficulty levels will result in longer delays in the game. With the speed of most computers out today, the speed differences beween the different difficulty levels will probably not even be noticable.

My Four in a Rows game board consists of eight chutes which chips can be dropped into. Each turn, you drop a chip into one of the eight chutes. The chutes can only hold eight chips. The goal of the game is to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line consisting of four of your chips. The game is considered tied when all eight chutes have been filled with chips.

A chip will appear above the chute that you are going to drop the chip into. After you have moved, the computer will decide where to place it's chip. There may be a bit of a delay as the computer decides it's move. When the game is over, clicking on the screen will return you to the difficulty selection menu.

In addition to the game play, there is a sound toggle that you can click in order to turn the sound on or off.

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