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Block 2

January 11th, 2009

12:30 Time to start the second block of work. My goal for today is to get the chooser's portion of the game working. In theory, this shouldn't take that long. In reality, things that seem simple often turn out to be much more difficult than they seem. If I have a chance, I will start on the bidder portion as well. If things go really smoothly, I may even manage to finish the head to head version of the game today though my bet is that I will only get to a partially implemented bidder. I will get to that bridge once (if?) I reach it though. For now I am going to focus on getting the chooser implemented.

13:30 Support for tile points values has been added. Right now they are in sequential order, which does not make sense for this game but this is my next task. The layout of the points was fairly simple as the values overlap the tiles. Selection of tiles now cause the tile to dim and the point value to be shown.

13:50 Now when the game start, the letters that the different points are behind are scrambled. Next task is to group the rounds.

14:45 round support is done. Well, sort of. As the bidder has not been implemented, the rounds are just text telling the player which round they are playing. Still, the core mechanisms are in place so getting to a fully playable game are not that far off. Now, as I have a fair bit of work time left, I should come up with plans for what to do next.

The bidder has to have a way of getting his or her bid in. I could go the cheap route and simply have the player type in a number but I prefer some type of non-typing method. After the bidder has entered this value, the chooser needs to be able to accept or decline the offer. As this is a basic yes/no dialog box, creating it as generically as possible seems to be the best route. For this reason I am going to develop the yes/no dialog first and then, if there is time, the bidder dialog.

15:45 The generic yes/no dialog is working though does not yet send events so it just displays stuff. Next to implement events.

16:45 The events for the yes/no dialog have been implemented and the game has some very primitive handling of this. Right now the game is just using the dialog box to display the next round. And that should be enough for today.

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