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Dozen Days of Words: Alphabet Points




You can play as the Chooser or as the Bidder or have a head to head game where one player is the chooser and the other player is the bidder.


The goal of the game for the chooser is to get the most possible either by leaving the largest amount of points free for the last choice or by accepting a bid bigger than the last choice. Each round the chooser must choose a number of letters. Behind each letter is a point value. Once the number of choices have been made, the bidder makes an offer and the chooser either locks in the bid or rejects the bid. If a bid is locked in, then the player keeps picking until there is only one letter left with the hopes that the point value behind that letter is less than the bid. If by the end of the game no bid has been locked in, then the chooser wins if the last letter has a point value greater than the last bid made.


The goal of the bidder is to give the player the fewest points possible knowing that the game is lost if the value of the last letter is greater than the last bid if it has not been locked in. Once a bid has been locked in, the Bidder must just sit back and hope that the final letter value is greater than the amount of the locked in bid.

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