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The game that I have chosen today is Pig. It is a fairly simple game with the goal to reach 100 points. Points are gained by rolling a die and adding the rolls to the score for the round stopping whenever the player wishes to or when a one is rolled. When the player volentarly stops rolling then the score earned that round is added to their total score. On the other hand, when a one is rolled, the score for the round is set to 0 and the player's turn is over.

As is my normal method for doing these challenges, I am breaking the game development into five separate tasks. The first thing that I am going to do is create a generic die container that will be able to hold a variable amount of dice. Next, I will start on the game by creating a single player game that runs for a single round. Next, a multiple round single player version of the game will be created. After that a multi-player version will be created. Finally, the fine tuning will be done.

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