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Ultimate Retro Project
Episode 50 Modern Maze


Starting the Game

When you start the game, the title screen presents you with four different play modes. The game is the same in all of the modes, but the imagery used is different. Select the texture that you find the nicest. It is very important to point out that each time you start a game it will be a different random map.

Playing the Game

The game starts you off on the starting point on the northern edge of the maze, and your goal is to find the exit somewhere on the southern edge of the maze. You can move using the buttons on the status bar or by using the cursor keys. When you reach the exit, you will be given your final time and will be given the option of replaying the maze. This replayed maze will be exactly the same maze that you have just solved, though the automated map that was created while you played through the maze the first time will be erased.

Game Commands

The controls for this game are fairly simple. The command bar has buttons for movement so the game can be played without a mouse. You can also use the cursor keys for movement. If you don't like the maze that you are in, you can exit to the title screen by clicking on the button marked exit to title. The game also automatically generates a map. Clicking on the map button will bring up the automap. Clicking on the map button when the map is on the display will make the map go away. You can also use the space bar to toggle the automated map.

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