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In 1997 Billy D. Spelchan started his home page which he called Game of the Month. It was a home page under an ISP so he had no domain yet. The goal of this page was to promote his programming capabilities and get contract work. When the internet was booming, he was getting contract work (including development of games for some big named game sites that gave away prizes) and was forced to put the site on hiatus. When the internet bubble burst, the amount of contract work he received dropped substantially. He started posting to the site again, but after a few months figured that he would create his own game domain.

In March of 2002 the domain was acquired. A placeholder page was placed there until the site was officially, which happened on April 1st. Many of you may wonder why He chose April 1st as the official launch day of the site. The answer, quite simply, is that he felt that starting a new web site just after the internet bubble burst was a bit of a foolish endeavour.

While he was still trying to get contract work, the amount of work that he was actually able to get was fairly slim. For that reason, he teamed up with two other people and formed a corportation called Blazing Games Inc. This company took over the Blazing Games site in October of 2003, with the overhaul of the site scheduled for the anniversary of the site launch.

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