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Drone Defence

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The first game I created using OpenFL

Last Updated: July 31, 2014


This game was created in order to learn how to use OpenFL. OpenFL is a flash-like library for the haxe language which in theory can be compiled into a number of different languages for more convenient cross-platform development. The above version is the export to flash as there are bugs in the HTML5 export that I am trying to figure out. I may in the future release this as HTML5 if I can figure out what exactly the issues are..

Game play is simple. You use the mouse to move with your drone following the mouse. Click the mouse button to shoot. Shoot down as many enemy drones as you can. You loose points for letting drones get by you. The similarities with my first GameMaker game are not a coincidence though the haxe game does generate random landscapes. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to polish this game so a lot of the things I wanted to have didn't make it.

Revision History

Last Updated: July 31, 2014 - Game Posted

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