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Predicting your future with math

Page Last Updated: October 19, 2007


While some people may take the pseudo-science of BioRhythms seriously, I do not which is why this game is part of my silly stuff collection. Still, this is an accurate representation of the system as well as a flexible do it your own system for experimenting with. For those of you who do take BioRhythms seriously, I ask you to visit the Skeptic's Dictionary entry on Biorhythms which probably has a much better explanation of why you shouldn't take this seriously.

My personal opinion as to why this should not be taken seriously, and you will find many others at the link above, is that I was born the exact same day and minutes apart from someone I know fairly well. On days that he is at his Intellectual peak, I was at a low point and since we should have the same chart, we should be peaking at the same time. This falls under the basic fact that nature rarely creates absolutes. My other point is simple skewing of the chart would result in drastic changes over the long run. Anybody who has played with fractals, like I have, are quite familiar with the concept of the butterfly effect. A minor change can cumulate over time and can result in drastically different results. The Lorenz Attractor is probably the best demonstration of this effect and is also considered to be one of the earliest demonstrations of chaos theory. If there is any interest (aka somebody emailing me) I might create a version of the Loren Attractor as a future silly stuff entry.

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First Release onOctober 19, 2007

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