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Knights Tour


Playing the Game

The goal of this game is to traverse a chess board using a knight. The starting position of the knight is selected at random. For those of you who don't play chess but still want to play this game, the knight always moves in an L shape. In particular, they move 2 squares in one of the four cardnal directions and then turn 90 degrees left or right and move one more square. Moves are done by clicking on a square that the knight can validly move to. Valid squares will be highlighted in blue while invalid moves are highlighted in red.

If you make a move accidently or have made a mistake that makes the puzzle non-solvable, you can use the undo button to undo as many moves as you need to. A timer tracks how long you have been playing the puzzle. You can also start a new puzzle, with the new puzzle having a random

This is a very challenging puzzle, but there are many different solutions so it is possible to solve this puzzle.

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