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Climbing Crates

This episode revolves around pushing crates with the ultimate goal of making a set of steps to the vent. Only three of the crate stacks can be moved. These movable stacks are the red, green, and blue stacks. Those are the primary colors of light and no I am not obsessed with primary colors. Well, maybe a little. The reason that the movable stacks are color coded is strictly to make the movable stacks stand out.

To win the game, the crates must be moved to form a series of steps. The steps must be formed by using the red stack, which is a stack of three crates, right beneath the grate. The green stack, which is a stack of two crates, needs to be to the right of the red stack. Finally, the blue stack forms the start of the steps and can be located either to the right of the green stack or just below the green stack.

The crates are moved by walking into them. Because they have a special low-friction material that has not been revealed to the public on them. This means that once you have set a stack of crates in motion, the crates will continue to move until they run into something. This can make things tricky because it is quite easy to get the crates stuck against a wall or corner so careful planning is needed in order to get the crates moved to the final position.

The player moves by using the on-screen arrow buttons or by using the cursor keys on the keyboard. If you make a mistake and get into a position from which it is no longer possible to complete the episode, there is a restart button that resets the game back to the starting positions. There are at least two solutions to this puzzle. The solution that I originally designed for the game and the superior solution that I found while testing the game.

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