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NES Trivia


A Trivia game for the NES

Last Updated: June 1, 2014


For some reason, my JavaScript NES emulator was unable to run this game which means that in order to play this game you will need to download the game ROM files and play it on the computer. If you do not have a NES emulator, you can download FCEUX from . It is an open source emulator and was the emulator I used during the development of the game.

This game was created for my development blog as one of the games being developed in the larger goal of creating a commercial-scale RPG for the NES.This game can be thought of as an extended demonstration of the String Library that was developed. Players may notice that the questions and answers are not randomized nor is there any sounds. These will be addressed in a later version of the game.

I am fairly sure everyone knows how to play this. You simply select the correct answer using the up and down on the direction control and pressing the A button when you are on the correct answer. The keys/joystick mappings vary based on the emulator so you will need to figure out how to set those up by reading the documentation for your emulator.

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Last Updated: June 1, 2014 - Game Posted

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