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location Blazing Games - Blazing Action Collection - Mini Ludum Dare #37


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The Themes for Mini Ludum Dare #37 was No Game and Real Time.

Last Updated: September 23, 2012


As someone who knows less about music than Mozart does about programming, this may seem like a strange game for me to develop. Still, music plays a strong part of games so it is a good idea for me to learn and I have always found the best way of learning something is by doing it so here is my first ever music game!

Musatic is a music/dance game with a bit of a twist. Instead of playing the rythm game, you are creating the game. The creation of the "dance" is done in real time over two phases. The first phase you create the song by using the number keys on the keyboard. The second phase is the dance phase where you use cursor keys to create the dance steps that go with your song.

To make things easy, I have added an editor mode that lets you edit your song/dance once you have created it so you can perfect it. As this game focuses on the editing aspect rather than the actual game, it clearly fits the no-game theme. As the song and dance is originally created in real-time it meets the second theme.

Source code is here for those who want it.

System Requirements

This game requires the Flash Player 11 or greater plug in be installed in your browser.
You can get this plug in at the Adobe web site by clicking here.

Revision History

September 23, 2012 (13:30) - First (no graphics beta) release

September 23, 2012 (23:30) - Official Ludum Dare Mini release.


Even if nobody likes this game, I actually think it has a lot of potential so do plan on improving the game in the future so be on the lookout for new releases.

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