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location Blazing Games - Blazing Action Collection - 13^2 Spikes

132 Spikes


Episode Selection

There are three different episodes of this game. The original set which appeared in 2005, the Pumpkin Edition which was released for Halloween of 2006.and the Unlimited Edition which was created between June 2008 and August 2010 (5 incrementally better versions released on every Friday the 13th) Select which one you wish to play below. Note that by default the game will open in this browser window, but there is an option to open the game in a separate window for those people who still wish to do so.

System Requirements

This game requires the Flash Player 7 or greater plug in be installed in your browser.
You can get this plug in at the Adobe web site by clicking here.

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Original Levels

PLAY 132 Spikes

This is the original set of levels.

(Play in popup window by clicking here)

Pumpkin Edition

PLAY Pumpkin Edition

The special halloween edition of this game

(play in a popup window by clicking here)

Pumpkin Edition

PLAY Unlmited Edition

The unlimited version, is the port of the game to Flex SDK and features multiple themes, both campaigns (inverted), a construction set so you can create your own campaigns, and an unlimited mode where you try to survive as long as you can through randomly generated levels.

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